Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hello good friends. As promised, I have started a blog. For those of you who have been begging me to give you more about the Fay family and the creatures they come across during their glider travels, I am one step closer to giving you what you wanted. 

For the majority of you reading this, I am almost to the end of writing a book about a spiritually gifted family in Southeastern LA. The family must strive to use their gifts only for good and protection of the weak. The family is led by a healer named Aunt Sabina. They come across many supernatural creatures, such as the cauchemar, rougarou, and the fifolet and must handle each differently as they can be dangerous, if great care is not taken. These creatures are little known outside this area of the country. The family has strong faith and a great sense of acceptance of other peoples and religions, including voodoo. Love and diversity rule their world, especially because as healers, they were often treated with contempt, prejudice, and fear.

For the precious few of you whom I have relinquished a peek at my story, this is for you. I am so surprised at the responses I have received about the people and creatures in it.  I never imagined they would be as interesting or understood as well by others as they have been to me when I added them to my book.

This is so exciting! Okay, here we go. It is logical to begin with Angelle, since the beginning of the book starts with her. Here is a short overview of her background:

Angelle grew up on the Westbank in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, the product of a broken, dysfunctional family. Her father passed away when she was 15. Her mother suffered from a severe case of manic depression with a hint of narcissism. It was her mother's survival instincts that prompted the marriage to an abusive alcoholic just three months after her father's name was carved onto the marble door of the family mausoleum.
Angelle quit school soon after the wedding and picked up work as a cocktail waitress downtown New Orleans six nights a week. She had to. Her mother was out shopping during one of her step-father's binges when her new "Daddy" decided he wanted Angelle to take her mother's place in his bed.
 Mother did not believe her when she tried to tell. Angelle did not panic or give up when she was met with disbelief. She instead put together a workable plan for herself. She started by saving enough money to get emancipated and move out on her own within a few short weeks. Money came easy for the gorgeous young woman with silken black hair, bronze skin, and a Southern woman's attitude.
 Paul, her future husband, stumbled in one night with a few of his friends. Paul's more obnoxious and intoxicated buddy made the mistake of pinching her on the behind as she passed. Instead of getting the bouncer to kick them out, she did what any self respecting Southern woman would do and took care of the problem herself. She took him gently by the chin as if to give him a kiss for his efforts. Lulled into her charms, he leaned forward as she whispered sweetly into his ear "one good pinch deserves another". She grabbed his crotch and twisted her pinch as hard as she could, dropping the man, yet not letting go of her gentle cupping of his chin 'til his knees hit the floor.
 Paul was smitten. She was his kind of woman. She was exactly what Aunt Sabina said he needed; a woman who would not put up with any of his crap. He was determined to spend every night at the bar until she would trust him enough to go on a date with him. For weeks, he tried everything humanly possible to win her favor, yet he refused to give up.
After a couple months of this, she finally allowed him to walk her home one night. She confessed to him how she was tired of his asking to go on a date and that she was even beginning to dream about him asking her for a date. She finally relented and began their loving relationship.

 OOOO. It is so hard to not go into more detail. I don't want to hold back, but their relationship and how he won her over is another story I have in the wings.

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