Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starlight, Star Bright

The stars were certainly out tonight. I love looking at the stars. I only wish it were not so cold and the lawn furniture were not so wet. I would lay out in the back yard and stare for as long as my neck would allow.  One of my summertime pleasures is going outside and watching the sky. I would pick out patterns, constellations, and hope for the occasional shooting star to grace my presence. Every once in a while, I would get lucky and one would decide to pass.
Some people think watching the sky is about as fun as watching grass grow. Maybe I find it interesting because I like to fish. I can wait patiently for a long time if I think something special could happen at any moment. Maybe it is because I feel so close to nature when I am alone in the company of my friend, the night. Special things happen in the sky all the time. Shooting stars are not the only things in the sky that move. There are satellites, airplanes, and I swear, the stars themselves sometimes move around.
Tonight, I couldn’t help but stare at the orchestra in the sky while pausing at the last stop light before turning onto the street that leads home. The stars were out in force, sparkling like glitter. They seemed oddly intelligent tonight, appearing to arrange themselves in an arrow, pointing straight to the moon. The old man had slung himself low in the East, offering its buttery glow to the traffic oblivious to its dignified beauty. The natural night light allowed the silhouette of Mt Rainier and his little brothers to be seen in the dark. Normally, the full moon can take on an edgy feel to the air, but this time there was only a feeling of peace.
All the stresses of the day in that moment melted away and it all happened in the short time it took for the light to turn green.  Some of the earlier day’s stresses were normal, some not so normal. It does not matter because the day is over and the stresses are gone, even if only temporarily. All that washed away by the sky. Thank you, stars. Thank you, moon. Thank you, sky.

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